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The?UWI Alumni Association (UWIAA): your well-recognized?professional organization!?

A strong Alumni Association demonstrates pride in being a member of the UWI community.?It preserves UWI traditions. It supports valuable programs for graduates, students and the University.


Membership in the UWI Alumni Association gives you a link to an outstanding professional organization and a valuable connection to other UWI graduates, a link which?enables you to network in many spheres. UWIAA? membership will also provide you with a direct connection to the University through dynamic, informative? alumni publications, E-mentorship?and exciting events and programmes.

As a member of the UWIAA,?you will also receive tangible benefits (discounts and special offers) through Pelican Perks.?

The PELICAN PERKS ADVANTAGE PROGRAMME?(PPAP)?was ratified on April 26, 2019 by the?University Council, therefore as of Sept 1, 2019, there will only be one Life fee of?US$30 (or the equivalent) across the globe for all alumni.??

Graduates will receive a??Lifetime UWI Alumni Association (UWIAA) Card which will give them access to continued Pelican Perks.?THE US$30 FEE CAN BE PAID ONLINE VIA ALUMNI ONLINE (AO) or directly to the Campus Alumni Officers.?

To contact the Campus Alumni?Officers to join:

Cave Hill -?Mrs Roseanne Maxwell? ?Tel: 246-417 - 4544? Email:?

Mona - Ms. Carina Dyce? ?Tel: 876-927-1583? ?Email:?

Open Campus - Mrs. Sandra Griffith -Carrington? ?Tel: 246-? ? ? ?Email:?

St. Augustine - Mrs.Camille Edwards? ?Tel: 868-663-1579? ? ? Email:?

When the PPAP is fully implemented, graduates will enjoy increased annual alumni engagement and recognition events; and students - our future alumni - will also be able to enjoy immediate and lifelong benefits.?

Show your Pelican Pride and be an involved member of your UWIAA Chapter!

"One UWI, One Alumni Family"?



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