The Pelican Award

The Pelican Award:??

The Pelican award is the highest award that a UWIAA Chapter may bestow. It is thus highly prestigious.?The Pelican Award is a special alumni accolade and indicates how very proud the fellow alumni of the awardee are, of his/her, national, regional and/or international success and renown.

A Pelican Awardee is considered? ?to be a role model for the UWI population globally and in particular for the current cohort of students, who are themselves future alumni.?The Pelican Award is presented by any UWI Alumni Association (UWIAA) Chapter to:?

a) a graduate of The?University of the West Indies who has excelled in his/her?chosen field and has had?major positive national, regional or international impact or who has contributed significantly to the development of the University, or has made an outstanding contribution to any of the UWI contributing countries of the Caribbean Region.?

b) in rare cases, to a non-graduate who has contributed significantly to the development of the University or has made an outstanding contribution to any of the UWI contributing countries of?the Caribbean Region.

c) The award may not be given to active politicians, nor may it be given posthumously.?

This?award signifies that the awardee is considered to embody the qualities of a true PELICAN - it is?the most esteemed and illustrious peer award given by any UWIAA Chapter.?

*Like for UWI?Honorary Degrees - Recipients of this prestigious award should be present to accept

Past Recipients


2019 H.E. Sir Rodney Williams?

2018? Dr. Jilla Bird, Dr.?Reginald Alford Walwyn


2011 -?Dr Carla Barnett, Dr. Kenrick Leslie, His Excellency Sir Colville Young,Dr. the Honorable Lennox Pike.


2018??Mrs Dancia Penn Sallah,?Dr Haskith Vanterpool, Mr. Gerard Farara


2019 - Professor Gerald Alistair Clarence Grell,? Rev. William Wilberforce Watty?


2018 -?Professor Emerita Jean D’Costa,?Dr. Sandra Schrouder,?Dr. Dwight Benjamin? ,Mr.Justin Vincent


2018? Professor Merle, Collins,?Dr. Beverley Steele?

2017 Dame Cecile La Grenade?


2018 - Dr. Lloyd Stanford, Dr. Andre Haugton, Dr. Nicole Nation

2017- Mr?Richard Byles?

2014 - Professor Archibald McDonald, Professor the Hon. Denise Eldemire-Shearer, Dr. Blossom Anglin-Brown

2011 - Professor Maureen Samms-Vaughan

2010 - Mr. Earl Jarrett

2009 - The National Dance Theatre Company of Jamaica

2008 - ??Hon. Dennis Lalor,?Prof. Franklin Knight,?Dr. Muriel Lowe,?Dr. Knox Hagley,?Dr. Henry Lowe??

2007 -?Dr. Audia Barnett,?Dr. Andre Gordon

2006 - ?Prof. Alfred Sangster,?Prof. Errol Miller, Prof. Renn Holness

2005 - ?Dr. Deanna Ashley, ?,Stephney Ferguson, Bevon Morrison

2004 - Professor Orlando Patterson?

2003 - Dr. Donald Christian?

2002 - ?Professor Elsa Leo-Rhynie,?Ambassador Angella King,?Ambassador the Hon. Patricia Durrant, Professor Marlene Hamilton

2001 - Ambassador Courtney Walsh, Father Richard Ho-Lung

2000 - ?Prof. the Hon. Lawson Douglas, Judge Patrick Robinson, Mrs. Beverly Anderson Manley?

1999 - ?Dr. Owen Minott,?Dr. Garth Taylor, Professor Edward Baugh

1998 -?Professor Barrington Chevannes,?Dr. Neville Ying,?Ms. Maude Fuller,?Howard Spencer,?Professor Owen Morgan

1997- Professor the Hon. Hugh Wynter?

1996 - Professor Gerald Lalor, Noel Dexter?

1995 - Professor Graham Sargeant?

1994 - Phyllis McPerson- Russell

1993 - ?Derek Walcott,?Dr. Michael Alleyne,?Dr. Henry Fraser,?Mrs. Fay Saunders, Ms. Marjorie Whylie

1992 - The Hon. Aaron Matalon?

1991- Sir Philip Sherlock?

1990- Professor the Hon. Rex. Nettleford?

1989 - Sir Alister McIntyre

1986 - Mrs. Gloria Knight?

1985 - ?Prof. Louis Strathmore Grantt

1984 - Father Louis Grenier?

1983 - Professor Carl Stone

1982 - Mr. Winston Smith ?

1978 - Sir George Alleyne?

1974 - Lady Daphne Phillips?

1969 - Dr. E. A. Bowen

1967 - Sir Kenneth Standard?

1966 - Professor Kenneth Magnus ??


2020 - Dr. Godfrey Gibbison??

2019 - H.E. Ambassador Pennelope Beckles

2018 - Marlon James

2013 - H.E. Amb. Missouri Sherman-Peter,?Harold Roberston,?Dr. Gerald Groves,?Caple Spence,?Yvonne Graham ,?Rev. Mark Francisco Bozzuti-Jones,?Laurine Fenton


2018 The Hon. Justice Irving Andre

UWIMAA (Medical Alumni )TORONTO ?

2018 Dr. Karl Massiah


2014 - Sir Edwin Carrington


2019 - Dr. Keith Archibald?

2018? Dr. the Right Excellent Sir Kennedy Alphonse Simmonds

2017? H.E. Sir Samuel W. Tapley Seaton?


2018? H.E. Dr. Didacus Jules, H.E. Dame Perlette Louisy, Dr. Veronica Simon, H.E. Ambassador Dr. June Soomer?


2018 Hon. Rene Baptiste CMG?


2018? Reverend Canon Kortright Davis?


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